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Find here the profile of the radio station REF FM KK, including the rates for advertisers and sponsors.


Buying airtime on our community radio station REF FM KK creates you double dividend! You’ll not only spread your message effectively to a wide audience in a refugee camp, you’ll also help the station in this refugee camp to become financially self-sustainable! You’ll help refugees to sustain their own radio station.

So how does radio advertising rates work?

How much does radio advertising cost?  The short answer is – it depends.  One of the great things about radio advertising is that there are options available for every budget.

The cost for advertising on the radio is done on a per-spot basis.  You will be charged every time your ad runs.  So, if you want your ad to run 3 times per day for 7 days you will have a total of 21 ads.  If you have an single price ad rate of 420 KES (55 sec) per ad you will be charged a total of 8.800 KES for the 21 ads.

It’s a well-known fact, short spots are most effective. If you can tell your message in 10 seconds, it’s much more efficient than in 1 minute and cost are half. A shorter spot, more people will remember your message longer in a positive way! If you buy more spots over a longer period, we can give you great discounts.  

A story to tell? Buy one hour of airtime, promote your organisation. 

Do you want to know more? Contact Santos Madhieu.

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Tel: +254 714 603596